Produced by Carvin Knowles and Adam Pike

Executive Producer for the Second Edition: Carl Caprioglio


Directed by
Carvin Knowles

Carvin Knowles
Backing Vocals, Flutes, Lute, Gong, Harp, Oboe, Corneto, Slide Trumpet, Krumhorn, Recorder, French Horn, Trumpet

Caitlín Elisabeth
Vocals, Cello, Rebec

Patrick Delaney
Drums and Percussion, Backing Vocals

Adam Pike
Vocals, Backing Vocals, Percussion

Stephen Diaz

Kate St. Píerre

Dennise Pehi

Ethan James
Hurdy Gurdy

David Uebersax
Sackbutt, Trombone

Eddie Freeman
12-String Guitar

Marta Victoria
Vocals, Bones

Stefan Kac

Susan Skup

Recorded at Sound Asylum in Pasadena, Icarus Music Studio in Lakewood,
The Studio Near Fountain & Vine in Hollywood,
and The Office in Pasadena

Engineered by Adam Pike, Marta Victoria, Eddie Freeman and Carvin Knowles.
Additional vocal recording by Piper Payne, San Francisco
and Carvin Knowles, High Street Studio, Auckland, New Zealand

Mixed by Adam Pike & Carvin Knowles at The Office in Pasadena

Digitally remastered by Adam Pike at The Office in Pasadena

Album design by Carvin Knowles

Website design by Carvin Knowles